Festive fitness

15.12.2014 Diet / Training

It’s long been know that the festive period can have a negative effect on us. Bad for our wallets, bad for our waistlines.

Here are 4 simple tips to make sure you don’t suffer from the same pitfalls as the rest of the country.


You may be on holiday, but if you maintain a routine then you will feel much better come the New Year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit more relaxed than your normal Monday to Friday slog, but keep sleeping, eating and exercising regularly and your body won’t feel so shell-shocked.


We have been told for many years that Christmas food is ‘bad’. It’s not. It’s actually quite good! There is a good balance of protein, fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates. The only ‘bad’ thing is the quantity. Trust me, eat anything you want (you need to enjoy yourself!) but just watch the portion size and eat a little slower. You can always go back for seconds if you really are still hungry!


Keep drinking! You should use the time when you’re not sat in an air controlled environment to try and work on your hydration. Drinking more will mean that the food you eat will be digested more smoothly too. Sadly, we have to come on to alcohol. Now I know, it wouldn’t be the same to celebrate the festivities without a bottle of fizz or glass of wine. Be warned: Alcohol has many hidden calories. A glass of red wine can have as many calories as a slice of take away pizza.  By all means have it, but again, be careful of your portion size!


If you’re not a regular fitness freak then don’t worry! Just go for a walk. If you are a fitness freak then there is nothing wrong with giving your body a bit of ‘down time’, and also just going for a walk! There is something very refreshing about wrapping up warm on a bright crisp winter day and going for a walk. This will not only increase your Vitamin D levels, but also release a load of natural chemicals into your body to make you feel better and more refreshed. Also, when you get back you can put your feet up in front of some Christmas TV with that glass of wine and not feel quite so guilty.

So when it comes to planning your time off, think abut how to do a few simple things that can make your holiday time better for you. You never know, you might even keep some of the changes going into the New Year.


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